About me & my therapy

I am a Clinical Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist based in Cheshire, with an Honours degree in Psychology from University of Sussex. I completed my hypnotherapy training with Clifton Practice and have gained my HPD (Hypnotherapy Practicioner Diploma). I am a member of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, which means I adhere to a professional code of conduct, and am continually updating my knowledge & skills in line with the latest scientific research.

I am truly passionate about what I do, and I believe that therapy should be normalised in our modern busy lives. Everybody can benefit from time spent on self-reflection and creating a better future for themselves. I believe that talking therapy should be viewed in the same way as visiting a personal trainer or treating yourself to a spa treatment – as a positive form of self-care and an aid to allow yourself to be the best version of you.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is all about looking forward; taking small achievable steps towards long-term sustained changes. The approach comes under the family of “brief” therapies, meaning that clients tend to need less sessions than they would with many other forms of therapy.

As your therapist, my job is to help you understand your brain and why you feel or behave the way you do; I will guide you to use certain areas of your brain that are associated with problem solving and more positive thinking. Hypnosis allows you to relax and to engage your subconscious, the area of your mind that controls the majority of your thoughts, feelings, impulses and behaviours.

We can often feel that we are victims of our thoughts, or we say that’s “just the way I am”, but the reality is you can take back control and create real change from within. I love seeing the transformation in my clients and how much brighter and lighter they are when they leave the therapy room. It’s like a weight has lifted and they see things from a completely new perspective.

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